Daerick is an energy healer or sometimes called a spiritual healer. He is unique in offering a 100% money back guarantee with his healing work!

“I know that most of you have spent a lot of money to get better, and it hasn’t worked. I don’t want to be another practitioner or process you pay for that doesn’t work. Therefore, if after 4 treatments you don’t notice any difference, I will refund all your money. No questions asked.”

90% of Daerick’s clients notice significant differences during their work with him. This does not mean he can heal everyone. After 25+ years in this field he is excellent at determining who he can help and who he can’t. Because of this, and because of the high demand for his services, he is very selective as to who he takes on as a client. He will look at your energy patterns and know within 5-10 minutes if you are someone he can help. The following are just some of the areas he has been succesful in:

Emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts. Physical issues such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Eczema, heavy metal toxicity, mold exposure, Autism, Epstein Barr Virus, Lymes Disease, viral infections, heart palpitations, thyroid issues, brain fog, Resless Leg Syndrome (RLS), menstrual issues, etc. He also sees a lot of success with Autoimmune diseases such as Hashimotos, Celiac, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Juvenile Arthritis, Graves, Psoriasis, Crohns, etc.

The results of his work are best seen through the eyes of his clients. Please read(or watch) below for some of these experiences or schedule a free consultation to explore how this can work for you.

Elisa Chastain, United States, California

Conditions: Spiritually blocked, fatigue, Insomnia, digestive issues, brain fog, dizziness

"Everything is better. Before I could not tolerate heat and we are in a heat wave and I was able to go out in it. Exciting. I can do more and go more places. I feel major differences. I've forgotten how it feels to feel good. Thrilling to me. I'm coming back. My spiritual growth is phenomenal. To have my body and mind to meet that...and my capacity will meet that is my purpose in life. I feel like a different person. I feel balanced, calm, centered at a deeper place then I've ever felt. I am deeply grateful for your gifts and commitment to helping others."

Dr. Cathleen Baxter King, DPT www.cathleenking.com

Conditions: Lymes Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Parasite Infections, Mold Toxicity, Digestive Sensitivity.

"When I started working with him I had been dealing with a resistant viral infection that has been active for over a decade. The physical changes I noticed were immediate in that I had much more physical endurance- I was able to play some sports again and take longer walks. Emotionally I saw more clearly the patterns that were keeping my nervous system in a state of hyperarousal and vigilance and I had increased awareness to choose a different way to respond to these subtle stressors. I became more clear on how I wanted to work again and started to create my own career in helping to teach people the mind-body neuroscience behind healing and guide them in their healing process. And spiritually, it has felt like the last several months have been about clearing away the layers between me and my true self. I feel more emotionally trusting and accepting. I can feel a new sense of me."

Laura Bevacqua, Ontario Canada

Menstrual cycle issues (severe pain, bloating, cramping for days every month)

"I had menstrual issues right from the get go. It got progressively worse. The pain was unbearable. I've tried so many therapies and nothing helped the pain no matter what. I could tell within a few weeks that Daerick was different then my other therapists. He had a huge impact and is continuing to have a huge impact on my cycle and I'm thrilled. It's amazing what you feel like when you've suffered from chronic pain and then all of a sudden it's better."


"Instead of waking up in agony of intense anxiety, fear and dread, I woke up feeling HAPPY and excited"

"I was feeling really hopeless for what felt like forever. I had tried everything I could think of and some things helped for awhile, some not at all. For as long as I can remember I had anxiety and depression, but nothing like this. I never had energy. I felt agitated a lot of the time, I could not concentrate, my memory was horrible. I was intensely lonely and yet did not want to be around people because it took so much energy to “look normal”.

After only a couple of sessions, I felt something shift in me. The only way I can describe it is that I felt like myself again, from a long time ago when I was still hopeful and positive. Instead of waking up every morning in agony of intense anxiety, fear and dread, I woke up feeling HAPPY and excited about the day. I feel rejuvenated and am finding I don’t need to take naps or have quiet time away from people and noises anymore. Everyday I am feeling stronger and have more of a sense of my self. I am so grateful for Daerick’s healing capabilities. He is definitely a true Healer."

Alaine, Psychiatric Nurse, Canada

How Does Distance Healing Work?

Before I get into the scientific explanation, it might be helpful to remind you of things you can’t see or feel that you take for granted. For example, we don’t see or feel radio waves, yet the radio in our car plays music and it is not connected to anything. And it does so by projecting an energy wave from a distance, and if you are tuned into that wave, then you get the information. Your mobile phone and the internet are even more complicated examples of this.

When I work with a client, I need something that connects me to the client. It can be talking to them once on the phone. It can be through a picture of them, and it can even be through a clear identification of that person, such as their name, birthday and address.

Einstein already proved that we are all energy. So that means, in some form, like the radio wave, we all are broadcasting our energy out into the world all the time. I “tune into” my clients to create a change in their bodies. My intention, instead of playing music, is to activate those parts of their body that know how to heal in a way it begins to correct the problems. Just like when you get a cut, you don’t have to tell your body to coagulate the blood, create a scab and grow new skin. Your body automatically does this.

But in the case of my clients, something is in the way of this process. My job is to remove the obstacles and encourage the automation that is inherint in all of us.

For those of you who would like the science behind this keep reading here is just one In quantum physics, there is something called the Pilot Wave Theory. It shows how humans by interacting with particles can influence the fundamental field of energy at a distance. And the interaction can be as simple as thought, which is a form a of energy. If you want to dive deep into this, I suggest you watch this youtube video going deep into the science of all of this called The Field of Boundless Information.


"After our first time speaking I felt that his insight was amazing and I haven't used the inhaler since"

"Five years ago I began having a very deep persistent cough. The doctor I saw thought it was pneumonia so I took a round of antibiotics which didn't help. Being a mystery I had a chest x ray which showed nothing suspicious so he suggested I see an immunologist which I did. After some tests it was his conclusion that I had reactive airway syndrome. I tried a medication for a month that didn't work. I've always been one to avoid taking medications so this was challenging for me. He then suggested that I could take steroids which I chose not to do. I didn't want to compromise my already delicate immune system at the time. I did however take a perscription for an inhaler as there were times when it was difficult to breathe. I set out to find something natural that would be helpful in the hope of healing and not just dealing with symptoms. Over the course of the past five years I have tried many modalities and supplements, too many to mention. Some of them were helpful and some not but that was the journey I had chosen. Several months ago it became very difficult to breathe as I was so congested every morning. I would sit for an hour in the morning coughing and trying to clear my lungs so I could breathe without having to use the inhaler. I had gotten to the point where I was needing to use it nearly every day for a few weeks. I began to consider taking the steroids as I felt that it was getting out of hand. I did start taking some Ayurvedic herbs and churnas which I felt were the most helpful thing I had found but herbs take time. I just happened to be searching for info on an energy healing modality and Daerick's site popped up at the top of the list. I read the first testimonial and it was someone with a lung infection that had cleared up so I took that as a sign. I felt instantly that I was being guided to contact Daerick after seeing his picture and reading his story. I was also impressed by his willingness to refund the fee if he was unable to help. Needless to day I had already spent quite a lot looking for answers. Long story short, and five years of not breathing well feels like a long story, within the first month of working with Daerick I would say that I have seen a 75% improvement in my situation. After our first time speaking I felt that his insight was amazing and I haven't used the inhaler since. I am sleeping much better and longer and don't wake up wheezing. I have gone from being able to hardly do 20 jumping jacks on my rebounder without wheezing to being able to do 200...this sounds wild but it's true. I used to have to sit down after walking up the steps due to wheezing. Now I bound up the steps, walk uphill and do all sorts of things that were difficult or impossible just 4 weeks ago. I was so surprised by how quickly and dramatically I felt the shift. I am continuing with lots of herbs, yoga, walking exercise and engaging more fully with the things and loved ones that bring me joy. I will just end by saying the biggest gift of all of this has felt to be a renewed sense of well being on many levels. Daerick is a kind compassionate healer who is very respectful and validating. Working with Daerick gave me a bump up in energy that I needed to continue on my healing journey. I can't begin to understand how these things work. It feels to be part of the great mystery. I can only feel deep gratitude after so many years of things being so hard that they are now so much lighter. The simple joy of being able to walk up the stairs brings a huge smile to my face :) Thank you to Daerick and the Great Mystery.

Carol Hopkins Vedic Astrologer

How Does Daerick Heal Me?

The first thing to understand is Daerick’s goal is not necessarily to heal you 100%, but rather get your body to a place where it can heal itself. Sometimes that means a 100% healing going on in your body of what you are experiencing, and sometimes that might be a 40-50-60% healing but your body is able to then take you to the finish line of your own goals. This is a very important distinction because he does not want you dependant on him in the future. If he can re-train your body, then ideally you won’t need him again.

What Daerick actually does will differ depending on the client and the type of condition. But it always starts with him connecting to you energetically to his client. He poses the question to your Universe and your body/mind intelligence “How can I best facilitate “Stacies” healing today”. This is always based on what goals you came to him for. He then begins to feel in his body the areas he needs to work on in your body, and then begins to “see” those areas in your body.

There is always a feeling in his body that shows him something isn’t right in that area. It could be a heavy feeling, or a sluggish feeling, or a hyper active feeling etc. There are many ways your body will show him something isn’t right.

He allows energy to flow through him as well as your own energy to beging to address this area, and he know’s he is done when it feels “right”. He will then move on to the next area he is shown and repeat the process.

Sometimes he is shown to remove or release an emotional or spiritual block that is in the way of your body healing on its own. The process is very similar except it feels “right” when he feels it leave your body.

He purposely does not connect to any religious entity so he doesn’t interfere with your beliefs and religion. This allows the spirits that you are connected with to be a part of your healing. You can ask for your God or angel or deity(s) to be a part of your healing.

Daericks work is not done in person or over the phone, because he needs to listen as to when the best time to work on you will be each week. He will either work on you twice or three times each week depending on the package you choose. But you will communicate with him weekly, giving updates as to how the process is working for you.

Of course all of this is far more complicated then can be explained in writing, but this gives you an overview of how the process works.

"Almost all my clients come to me after they have exhausted every other means they can think of. Western medicine has failed them, and often other alternative practioners have failed them as well. I specialize in the difficult cases. It is my job to see what is blocking your healing and facilitate your body to heal again, emotionally or physically. I look for the core cause, which is often a much earlier emotional or spiritual event that started your body on a path to poor health." Daerick

"Eczema over 60 years. I am itch free 24/7"

Eczema has challenged my body for over sixty years. The last year and a half the itching has been beyond extreme. I found Daerick while searching for appointment options with Anthony William. I followed through and have completed two sessions with him. I can HONESTLY say that I am itch free 24/7 and I am not humbled by red welts covering my face. What impressed me the most was Daerick’s integrity of character, a true gem to experience. Daerick is truly the real deal.

Cathy Kellett, San Francisco, CA U.S.A.