Daericks Answers to:

“The 5 Things You Must Know Before Working With Any Healer!”

1. How long have they been doing this?

While length of time does not tell you everything, it can say a lot. There is a reason in the medical field that new doctors have to practice under another very experienced doctor for a few years before they can practice on their own.

Daerick’s Answer: I’ve been working professionally as a healer for over 25 years. But more importantly, in that time I’ve done more than 20,000 treatments. The number of treatments I believe is more important, as it has allowed me to continuously improve my abilities with a large variety of ailments, conditions and clients.

It’s hard to get across how different every client is and how important experience really is. I can work on 10 people who all suffer from migraines, but every person may have a different physical, emotional or spiritual cause. It is often the combination of these 3 layers that is slowing down or preventing natural healing to occur from our own bodies.

On a physical layer, migraines can be caused by an extraordinary variety of conditions. Often a combination of physical conditions is leading to the migraines. I learned long ago that the human body is far more complex then I’ll ever understand. With my work I don’t need to know what the cause or combination of causes is. What I need is for your body to show me where I need to focus the healing energy. Usually it is several areas I work on one. When the healing is complete in one area for a particual treatment your body shows me the next area to work on.

Every person also has their own emotional fears, patterns, beliefs or blocks/walls. In order to help heal someone physically, often I have to address one or more emotional patterns that are in the way of healer. We are looking at two very unique layers.

Layer 3 is spiritual. There can also be unique aspects to why a person is not healing that is connected to the spiritual aspect. I may have to help release a karmic pattern or fear that has been brought through from another life.

With all the unique combinations of these 3 layers, working with someone who just has a few years of experience means they may not be affective. However, it doesn’t mean they won’t. Often you can work with someone newer for a cheaper price, and if it works, then that is awesome. However if you have tried other healers

2. What are they good at or what is their specialty?

I have not met a healer alive today that can heal everything. We all have things we are good at and things that don’t respond to our work. If your healer can’t tell you what they are not good at, then either they are too new and have not worked with enough people to learn that yet, they are in fantasy, or they are a con.

Daerick’s Answer: There are certain things I know I don’t focus on, like severe mental illness’ such as bi-polar or schitzofrenia. Also I have chosen not to work on curses or any forms of black magic that somebody may be affected by. Those areas are better addressed by Shamans. For me it is more about patterns then symptoms or conditions. By looking at someone energetically I can tell pretty quickly if it is something I can help with or not. I do this from a distance. In other words I can do it on the phone with someone, or if they send me details of their conditions and their name and birth date I can tune in to them and know.

3. What percentage of their clients respond positively?

The placebo effect is real and powerful. Anybody can claim they are a healer and likely get 20-25% positive response from clients. You want a healer who regularly gets a 40% positive response or better.

Daerick’s Answer: Of course I have clients that don’t respond, or only by a small percentage. I offer a refund to them. There are a lot of potential clients I know would only respond 30% or 50%. I don’t take these people as clients. I only take those I feel have a 90% chance of responding very well. To be clear, I can’t help 90% of the people. Those I do help have varyying degrees of success. Sometimes people heal 70%, 80%, or 100%. Sometimes they heal 50%. But maybe that 50% is life changing. It might be what lets them live a life with very little pain, or be able to work again. What I do know is if I can help someone get 50% better then it is usually only a matter of time before I can help them get 60%, 70% or 80% better.

My goal is to actually activate that part of your body that knows how to heal itself. I don’t have to get you to 100%. I just have to get you to the place that your body will take over. Sometimes that is 50% better. Or 70% better. Of course I try to get your body to 100% but I don’t always have to. I prefer that you don’t need me anymore.

4. Testimonials:

These are important, but also can be faked. a. Do they all sound similar. Similar writing styles are a clue they are fake b. Do they only provide initials of the person? While this does not mean they are fake, the more info a person is willing to provide the more sure you can be of authenticity of the testimonial c. Video testimonials: This is the gold standard. Likely this healer is authentic if some of their clients are willing to go on video. d. Because you are dealing with health issues, many people do not want to tell the world what their condition was, so it is not uncommon for healers to have limited testimonials, but they should have enough to show you they are real.

Daerick’s Answer: This is something you have to determine for yourself. Watch the videos, read the testimonials and allow your intuition to guide you. If it doesn’t feel genuine to you, then I’m not the right healer for you.

5. Money Back Guarantee:

Only those healers who have a high success rate can offer this. No healer can guarantee they can heal you, but they can guarantee if you don’t show any improvement they will refund you. When a healer offers a guarantee, it is extremely likely they are the real deal. This is probably the most important point to look for as they are willing to risk all of their time, which they can never get back, in an effort to help you get better. This shows their heart is in the right place.

Daerick’s answer: I can offer a guarantee because I am selective of who I take as a client. But I still have to refund some clients because not everybody responds in the way I hope they will. I do my best, but sometimes I just don’t know why someone doesn’t respond.

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