Understanding your journey of healing with energy healers

How do you keep motivated and hope alive when you are having a hard day or a hard week?

This has been a theme today with several of my clients.

They feel better each week working with me. Some dramatic changes, some minor improvements, but overall feeling better. Then they hit a speedbump. They have a few days that are worse, or even a week that is worse and it becomes demoralizing. Now understand it is not worse then when they started with me, but worse then the previous week. But they are not seeing that in those times.

Because they have been through so many ups and downs, they can go into a tailspin thinking this is another process that isn’t working. I’m always able to show them the truth of where they are after talking with them, that yes, they had a few bad days or a bad week, but even this bad week is much better then before. That helps them to recover, and they typically recover very quickly and have more improvements

The process of healing is rarely linear. It is frought with ups and downs, especially when you have a lot of symptoms going on, as most of my clients do. I tell my clients the daily journey is not as important to me as the weekly journey. In other words, you are going to have some good day and some not as good days. But I want you to be able to look back and see that overall this week was better then last week.

You might say to yourself, I used to have anxiety every day all the time and the intensity ranges from a 5-9 on a scale 1-10 with 10 being the worst. This past week I had 2 days that were better, and the anxiety was a 4.

Then next week you notice that you had 3 days at a 4, but also you noticed you didn’t have any days that were a 9. So the frequency and the intensity are both dropping. This is a very important distinction. Sometimes the frequency will lessen, or sometimes the intensity will lessen and sometimes both.

To be able to see that you are improving when you take the week into account overall will help you to get through those days that come up that feel like you went backwards. This is just one way in which the body can heal.

There are many ways the body heals, and sometimes it is linear. Some clients will tell me they no longer have a specific symptom, like brain fog, and several other symptoms are still present but less intense. When multiple symptoms are connected energetically, I never know which is going to heal first. Sometimes the most intense symptom will start to heal first, and sometimes a lesser symptom will begin. But regardless of what a client begins to notice, this tells them we are beginning to break the pattern and their body is responding to the treatments.

Once the body begins to respond, even if it might seem temporary, that is the beginning of more significant healing. Depending on how long somebody has had a condition or how intense it is could determine how quickly it changes. But I’ve seen conditions that someone has had for 30-40 years heal quickly, and some they have had for only months take longer. So there is no real knowing until you begin with a healer.

Sometimes you may not notice any changes in the beginning. If the healing is really happening, then the most likely reason is all the healing energy is being directed to stopping the progression of the condition. Stopping the progression is a major achievement, yet how will you know? You won’t feel better, but you won’t feel worse. When this happens in my practice, usually within the second week my client begins to feel better, and this confirms that the first week was working on the deeper cause of the condition.

And finally, sometimes you dont notice any changes. I can work with 10 people who have migraines, and 9 of them will notice significant changes but one person won’t notice anything. I usually don’t know why that last person is not changing. It could be karmic, it could be something going on that my work is just not helping with. In those case I refund 100% of what they paid me, and if I can help them to find someone else who might be able to help.

What is a major pet peeve of mine, is when healers tell their clients that they are resisting the healing and that is why it is not working. That may be true, but it is the healers job to release that resistance, or find a way to work around it. Blaming the patient for them not healing is a cop out. If my client doesn’t heal, this is a deficiency in my work, not a deficiency in my client. This means for some reason I am not able to help and that goes back to me. It is not your fault. I know I can’t heal everyone, but that is my shortcoming, not yours. That’s why I want to refund your money and help you find someone else who may be able to do something I wasn’t able to do.

This is all about your healing journey, not mine. Not my ego, or my possible inexperience. I’ll talk about what to look for in a practitioner in a future blog.

Energy healing for children. Healing fears.

I can't begin to express my gratitude. Since my son was a baby he would be in terror and screaming every time he woke up. We tried everything and nothing helped. It was beginning to affect our whole family and all of us were moody. It was like a dark cloud had descended on our entire household. This has been going on for about 4 years. After 4 treatments by Daerick it is incredible. I am awestruck and don't know what to say and don't understand what he did. But I'm grateful. Yesterday in our home was a fun day, the kids and I were dancing around and singing and for some reason I felt the need to spring clean even though it's winter here. I can only attribute that to you and what you did. My son no longer wakes up in terror and the rest of us are happier as well. It's been 2 years now since I worked with Daerick and things are still good."

Beth Fernely, Photographer, Sidney, Australia

Furthering your authentic potential through energy healing

"I really feel a door opened for me, like missing pieces were coming in. I am thrillled with my insights and how they continue to come in. I am feeling more times of being counscious/aware and moving to the consious with my new beliefs and choices. I see and feel shifts to the authentic me, to beliefs I have chosen and want. I have never felt the movement so flowing, so much progress. There is a very powerflow flow here. And in such an exciting manner! Something special has been and is happening. I want to run with this!"

Laura R, Los Angeles, CA U.S.A. 

Letting go of long held fears and beliefs through energy healing or energy medicine

" Going into a session with Daerick, I really did not know what to expect and felt a little apprehensive. I had just expereinced my first session with his wife Nedrra while she visited California. During our time she told me that I was ready for an energy clearing with Daerick and a couple of days later I was on the phone to Hawaii. What amazed me most was how Daerick tuned into the troublesome areas in my body, mind and soul and somehow gave me permission to let go of unhealthy habits, patterns and thoughts through whatever he was doing on the other side of the phoneline! They were just surprisingly to the point. I would neve have allowed myself to shift without his help. When I hung up, I just felt really joyful and so good to go! Thank you Daerick!" Anett Kennedy, Arroyo Grande, CA U.S.A.

Furthering your authentic potential through energy medicine or energy healing.

"You both really opened my eyes and helped me realize for myself my own potential and capabilities. I was able to recognize very, very old patterns going back to childhood that were holding me back. I have pushed through so much of my old patterns I literally feel like a new person four times over. It's been amazing. I now feel a huge degree of self-empowerment that I didn't before."

Marston Alfred, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Energy healing for emotional, self limiting energy.

While on the Big Island, Hawaii, recently, Joao and I experienced two 'light-worker/healers we found extroardinary!' One of them, Nedrra Lanakila, came to the 'main-land' and gave talks and a work shop, along with one on one personal session while at our center, Finding Wings. Everyone is still raving about them, including both of us! Nedrra's husband, Daerick is also an amazing healer. Joao and I have already experinece his beautiful work first hand. I not only feel free of a lifetime of emotional, self-limiting energy, but I now have healthy tools to maintain and empower my now. I've ALWAYS wanted to be authentic and now I truly FEEL authentic!" Christine Troples, Arroyo Grande, CA U.S.A.

Energy healing for grief, sadness, fear and inner imbalance

"Thank you so much for the work that you did with me this week. I have been working with people for over 25 years as a counselor, healer, and facilitator. My work has received high praise, and yet, I have been aware of some of my own inner imbalances that, no matter how much inner work I have done, have not resolved completely.

This has been a source of frustration, sadness and fear for me. In spite of these issues, I have created a wonderful new vision that is near completiona nd ready to be shared in the world. In working with you, I have realized that during my past, I attracted certain energies or entities that have been holding me back and causing me grief and suffering.

I did not realize the extent to which this was sapping my energy. NOw that you have cleared these entities and offered your very accurate insights about how they have been adversely affecting me, I am optimistic that I will be able to move ahead in my life with greater freedom, joy and success. It is easy for those who work to clear and support others to forget that the need for clearing on a regular basis ourselves, is very important. If a person is sensitive and empathic, it is even more important to keep the energy field clear. I also feel that those of us who are ready to launch new systems and conepts into the world to assist with evolution, need to b aware that there are entitites, who don;t wish for change to happen. This can make a person who is bringing innovation and change forward, even more attractive to forces that do not want things to change! I look forward to wroking with you in the future."

Rhianne T. NewLahand - Founder/Director NewLahnd Studios, Sedona Arizona

Energy Healing for hip pain, grief, foot pain, fear.

"I met Daerick and Nedrra Lanakila on accident. Woops, there goes my analytical mind again, I mean, by divine intervention. I was traveling with a friend in support of her court case in Hilo, HI and she spoke of this incredible Air B n B owned by this lovely couple whom she happened to meet on FB, oops, there it goes again. No accidents, no happenstance.

It was all perfect. I don’t mean the white picket fence kind of perfect, I mean the “moving your soul’s path along its’ intended direction” kind of perfect; messy, weird, completely out of the blue kind of perfect. Daerick and Nedrra showed us around the property, gave us instructions, and what not. The energy of their property was strikingly peaceful, as in something I’ve only felt once or twice in my lifetime.

When I first met Daerick I was struck by how kind, compassionate and peaceful he was. It took me by surprise, I even mentioned it to my friend, and she said, “Oh, my god, I know, he’s such a loving person!” We stayed with them at Volcano Island Haven twice, under very difficult circumstances for my friend, and their home and property were absolutely the most peaceful, safe, rejuvenating place we came back to every evening. About 5 years ago I went through some traumatic losses that were life changing events and I knew that I needed to hire a very kind, compassionate man to help me work through that. Not to mention I’ve had serious dad issues (my biological father is a Narcissist) to deal with that I hadn’t previously taken on in any other type of therapy. I had asked the universe to bring me the perfect person for me to work with.

My friend told me that Daerick and Neddra both did energy work. After the second visit to Volcano, I returned home and hit a critical turning point that I knew I absolutely needed help with. I had done EVERYTHING I could on my own; therapy, sound healing sessions, float tank sessions, journaling, traveling, you name it. I had already pushed so far outside of my comfort zone to help me get back to “myself”, and yet there was still this large gap between where I was and where I wanted to be. I had no idea what the “work” would look like, had no clue what to expect, and I didn’t care. After meeting them both and just feeling the incredible healing energy of their property, I knew it was a fit.

During our first session, the first thing he said was my throat and heart chakras were shut down. I knew my heart chakra was closed, I could feel it, I could feel my apprehension within every single interaction I had with every single person I encountered. I was absolutely living in fear of having my heart broken again, of loss, of losing myself. I wasn’t aware of my throat chakra, but it made perfect sense. Not feeling “heard”, losing my own internal voice, not being able to hear my own internal voice, etc. Additionally, I told him that all the women in my family had hypothyroidism, all of them! So, I see that as a family lineage problem. Additionally, 3 out of the 5 women in my family on my mom’s side also had breast cancer, another medical out-picturing of a closed heart chakra. For the next 2 sessions, Daerick worked on re-activating both my throat and heart chakras and within a few days wrote up a program for work that I had been thinking about for quite some time but hadn’t found the “words” to put it to paper. I sat down one Thursday morning and completed it in an hour!

During our 3rd session together out of the blue Daerick mentioned the pain I was experiencing in my hip. I immediately started laughing (that’s what I do when I’m nervous), I knew he was intuitive but I didn’t know that he could see the pain issues that are presenting in the body along with the emotional! I said that yes, I had been running off and on for about 30 years and that in the last year I had to take 5 months off to let my hip heal. I had begun to run again, only 1 week prior to my first session with Daerick and the hip pain started back up immediately. I was shocked, I took a ton of time off to let it heal. I didn’t mention it because I didn’t know he could address something like that.

Previously, I had literally done everything I could to fix my hip issue, I have a background in Sports Medicine so I knew exactly how to treat it, yet nothing was working the way I believed it should have. I did self-myofascial release, chiropractic work, stretching, taping, massage, I used a great anti-inflammatory cream called Blu Emu, and still no relief. I literally had no idea that my hip pain was directly connected to my grief. No clue. I woke up the next morning after our 3rd session and just asked myself, “Well, what is your hip responsible for?” Answer: Literally moving your body forward. I realized, “Oh my god, I’ve been experiencing this hip pain because I have been scared to DEATH of moving forward in my life.” After so much loss, betrayal, and crushing disappointments, I was literally living in fear of putting one foot forward in front of the other to get on with the rest of my life. I was energetically stuck and it was physically showing up in my right hip and was sometimes very painful as if I had a contusion.

The hip pain immediately began to improve and is still 90% better from day 1. A few sessions after that, I had a day where I was feeling resentful again about one of the losses and the hip pain showed up again, not as bad this time, but definitely still present. I couldn’t believe it! I could see how my grief, anger, and resentment were directly related to my hip issue. The next day I chose to focus on the affirmation that Nedrra had instructed me on and no surprise, the hip pain diminished back again! The hip pain continues to improve, and Daerick also performed some work on my big left toe that currently has a bunion. In energy medicine, this is related to “not fully experiencing the joy and pleasure in life”. Yep, makes perfect sense. How could I be experiencing the full joy of life when I am still living in fear! The toe pain is now 98% better, I have begun to open my heart and throat chakras again and have chosen to make a great leap forward in my career, something I have been considering for the last 6 years.

I am forever grateful to these kind, beautiful souls Daerick and Nedrra and can’t wait to see where the work takes me next. "

Tamaara Smith, Los Angeles CA

Energy healing for a deeper sense of peace and well being.

"Daerick comes from his heart with his work. He has the unique ability to connect into physical and emotional energy that is going on within your body and it allows him to deliver the energetic message of what you want to create for yourself. He allows your body to show him what the next step is to reaching your goals.

He can get to the core of an issue and release blocks, residue, fear and more that may be hindering having what you want. Your goal statement maybe the ultimate, but the work in the moment with Daerick is what you need or you are ready to or can move now! He sees what is presenting itself now, to be cleared. Each person has their unique experience of the work. As I have and each session can be very different.

He has worked with me several times and each time I find a deeper feeling of peace, health and well-being.  He has helped me to clear residue and fears that kept me from having what I wanted.  Many times we work on areas that may not be the core because I needed to clear other areas before moving onto a deeper level.  As we work on each layer I experienced movement and feeling closer to my goals.  Sometimes it was baby steps and other times a huge shift in my energy.  His work is assisting me to heal and get to my ultimate goal.  And now, I feel more alive, happy and positive than I have ever felt in my life.  And as I continue on this path, I expect to feel even better.  I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me. Thank you!!!" 

Kayla C Portland Oregon

Energy healing for Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), Migraines and blurry vision.

"The following is my experience with the energy healing I received throughout my 8 sessions with Daerick. Firsthand just need to share that this healing is real! Although, most of us seeking this type of therapy, want and or wish for instant gratification. Allow me to explain, there is no magic nor instant healing. Everything is a process. With this in mind, I will state that my first session was amazing. The rush of energy was real intense and strikingly felt throughout my entire body. However, I am very blessed to be in tune with my body as well as my emotions. Therefore, it allows me to notice this type of energy flow.

In 2008 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) which is a debilitating auto immune disease that causes extreme pain throughout the whole body. After my first session my pain went from a high 9 to a 6, which is a significant reduction in less than an hour. If you are suffering from any pain I strongly suggest you give this therapy a try. It's truly an amazing treatment not to be confused with cure. Every session was different. The second session left me feeling extremely fatigued and worried, if what I was doing was right for me. After my third session I continued to feel fatigued and lethargic, ugh.... What have I done? Was my immediate feeling. Then it hit me. That feeling is what is called the healing crisis. It's the phase that the body goes through in order to remove built up emotions that are trapped in our bodies causing pain and discomfort. Thankfully after the fourth session my body was again releasing more of the pain that was buried deep within my left eye socket causing pain that led to migraines and extreme blurring in my vision, to a point of desperation! Once again I continued with the healing sessions that only brought me more comfort and positive healing. The pain levels from my RA have steadied at about a 3, which has me resuming back to normal activities with less strain on my body and joints. As for my the migraines those have vanished from my left eye and the blurry vision is almost back to normal. The way I can explain this , is the healing only occurs when we let go and allow the energy to release,  whatever the mind has stored away...causing us the physical discomfort, disease, illness or pain within. I'd like to thank those who can help with their true gift of healing. Daerick is indeed gifted and an amazing transmitter of positive energy. I am forever changed do to his need to help all those whom are willing to make the effort in healing through energy therapy. With a grateful heart, blessings to all."
Renee Acevedo, New Mexico

Energy healing help through chemotherapy

"I have been working with Daerick for about three months or so and I feel like a new person,  a lot less fear, much more courageous, more clarity about myself and the direction I am going, and physically, mentally, and spiritually stronger!!! I have been living with ovarian cancer for four years and have tried mainstream medicine of chemo therapy and drugs to try to rid my body of cancer, I have also tried many alternative approaches to rid my body of cancer, but still I am sharing my body with cancer.

I have a background in the holistic healing field and deeply believed I could help my body be well and healthy but I also had so much fear about the cancer in my body and what it would eventually do to me. In my very first session with Daerick he talked about how dense the fear was surrounding me, and in me and how we needed to release the heavy fear before other layers of the healing work could be done. He shared with me about the blocked energy he saw in my body and how stagnant blocked energy doesn't allow your body to flow and heal, and I knew this from my holistic healing background, it is why I choose to work with Daerick in the first place.

Well the first few weeks of working with Daerick  were hard for me as he released the fearful energy surrounding me I felt ,more anxious, more fearful, irritated. and all stirred up inside. When we talked on the telephone and I explained how I was feeling I remember him saying "Well we really stirred up the hornets nest didn't we." His words were spot on that is exactly how I felt and as hard as it was I knew without a doubt we were doing deep work together physically, mentally and spiritually to help me heal. 

As the weeks went on we did some work on past life issues that were influencing this life and my ability to heal and that too proved to be very deep work of releasing thought patterns, behaviors, energies that no longer served me to make room for healing, health, courage, faith, and hope to vibrate in me.

As all this energy/spiritual work was going on physically my health was improving even though I was on a low dose of chemo I felt really good, I had lots of energy, I was eating good, I had a renewed sense of well being and courage, I was full of hope and happiness and my cancer marker blood count was dropping lower and faster than ever before. I was indeed healing and I felt great on all levels. My work with Daerick was making a big impact on me and my life!  

Daerick even helped me work through some business ideas I had about teaching therapeutic  yoga and helping people find more health and healing through combining yoga, gi-gong movements and meditation techniques for health and wellness. He was so open about helping me heal on all levels and had good advice that I took in and utilized to empower myself, my health and my life!  

I do want to make one thing very clear no one can heal you ......you have to be a 100% in it yourself and working on yourself on all levels too, physically doing everything you can to give your body all the nutritious foods and or supplements it needs to restore health, and you have to be willing to look at your thoughts and emotions and realize if they are serving your health or your disease and be willing to change them, and last but not least feeling connected to your soul and listening to it's wise whispers will bring peace to your body and mind and health to all of you!!! My time with Daerick has

 been a blessing on my healing journey and I am so grateful to be working with him."

Kelley Farisato, California

Energy healing for insomnia, heart palpitations and headaches.

"I thank you from my heart for helping me release and receive SO much, for giving me tools to heal myself, and for doing so with such grace, honoring and integrity. Last night I slept better than I have slept in a long while. As of this hour the pressure and palpitations in the chest have subsided alot. The sensations in the back of my head are all gone. Yeah!" Kachi Golden- Native American Shaman and Spiritual Leader of a Native American Nation. Descanso CA U.S.A.

Energy healing for deeper inner peace and stuck patterns.

"Daerick is truly an energy surgeon. He is so gifted at working with Quantum energy in very subtle manner. His Being really makes it easy to connect with his process. This was extremely powerful for me because I FELT I was in the driver's seat of my healing process, which we always are but this felt quite different.

I have experienced many energy healings before but I have not felt this level of co-creation ever. Very empowering! After my sessions, I felt I was wearing a "new skin" coat. With Daerick's support, I learned to befriend ALL the energies - the good, bad, ugly - for true freedom and acceptance.

I felt much more grounded, clear, and experienced deeper inner peace and courage to transcend my life challenges. If you are struggling with any deep reoccuring patterns, get unstuck wtih Daerick's support. You will not be disappointed. Thank you, Daerick, for sharing your gifts and serving with much integrity and presence." Shweta Parmar - Certified Ayurvedic Practioner, Therapist, Self-Healer New York

Energy healing for edema, joint pain, inflammation, fatigue, digestive issues etc.

“In my desperate and seemingly endless search for help for my debilitating physical health and the ensuing emotional distresses, I found Daerick online. I had purchased sessions with other energy healers with only mediocre results,which were fleeting, expensive and pointless, in the end. After 13 years of trying every conceivable avenue of healing, medical doctors, naturopaths, hypnosis, accupunture, supplements and extreme dietary alterations, with only small degrees of improvement in my symptoms, I was absolutely desperate to find relief for my ailments.

  I had so very much wrong with me, many symptoms ranging from, but not limited to: weight gain, headaches, food intolerences, extreme fatigue, skin and complexion flushing, redness,(not rosacea) chronic digestive issues resulting in vomiting and diarrhea. Ultra sensitivity to heat and nauseousness following anything and everything I ate.  My blood and other medical  tests showed a variety of issues, intestinal bacteria, food sensitivities to excess, highly elevated C - Reactive Protein ( markers of body inflammation), increased blood sugar, (despite a very low carb diet), respiratory  inflammation, hormonal imbalances, non-malignant lesions over my heart, pancreas, and liver, elevated liver enzymes, and an under-active thyroid.


Though normally a determined and optimistic person, after so very long of finding dead end after dead end of every avenue I pursued, combined with my declining health, my emotional state began the same sharp decline as my physical being.  My physical and emotional exhaustion were the dominant forces in my life, taking a very heavy toll on every area of my life.  I became increasingly despondent, no one could find out what was wrong with my body, only symptoms, and therefore there was no successes to be had in treating me, and that was the greatest frustration of all.

My frustration led to ever increasing levels of despondency and then true despair. Even though I have a good life and I do what I love, with supportive loved ones trying to help me, my despair descended into futility and hopelessness.


Reading about and seeing person after person improved or healed with every healing modality that I had tried, all except me, only gave my downward emotional slide impetus. I certainly didn't begrudge anyone healing, quite the opposite, I am happy to see others heal, I just so desperately wanted to be one of them.

I began a search for energy healers. I had read of Edgar Cayce as a young girl and had always wished to find someone to help me in a similar way to the way that so many other people had received help, even from great distances.


I searched and read many biographies of all sorts of energy healers and, finally settled on Daerick. It did not matter to me if a healer was male or female, or of what race or religion, or from what country, I narrowed my selections until I was down to only a few, and after reading some of the reviews, I took a chance. Daerick is not known to me, nor was referred by anyone, and certainly there is no remuneration for my review, from him or anyone else.

The reason I am writing this review is for other people who are suffering the same sense of hopelessness I was, exhausted, soul-weary, depressed and ill, with no conceivable relief in sight, and if all else has failed, I urge you to give Daerick a chance. The real deciding factor for me was that he was willing to give a no charge consultation, and I had thought that why not? I had spent years and thousands of dollars to little avail, and here was someone offering me a free consultation and though I was not overly hopeful, I gave it a shot. There was nothing for me to lose. But just maybe, he could help me.


After I spoke with Daerick during our consult, I knew immediately that I was going to purchase a block of healing sessions, he was able to see into my body, tell me what I was feeling and why. In my case, it is a virus that has avoided being detected by medical tests, and energetically he is healing me. I don't mean to say working on me, although he is, I very much mean healing me. At the time of this writing, it is early February, and I have had twice-weekly sessions with Daerick since the end of November. I was able to feel Daerick working on me from my very first session, though everybody is different, and not all feel it straight away. I felt better emotionally, because finally someone was doing something for me and I could feel it.  And, more tangibly, my sister looked at me, in awe, and said that I looked better. And, the edema in my legs had even abated noticeably. Daerick improves my physical state every time we speak, degree by degree, tangibly such as pain relief, and reduction in edema and joint swelling, and intangibly, through feeling lighter, brighter, clearer and more like myself of before becoming ill.


I love speaking to Daerick, the warmth of a true healer travels across the miles through his voice and soothes not only my pains and inflammation, but also my very being. It is a process to be sure, I did not become this ill overnight, and I will not heal overnight, but I am healing!  When hopelessness and despair is all that makes up a life, it becomes unbearable, and if there is a silver lining to that darkest of clouds, it is that it just takes the smallest spark of the light of hope to burgeon  into the warm light of healing. For me, that light is Daerick, and I am making progress, it is slow, and I have little relapses now and then, but it is steady, forward progress and for the first time in a very long time, I can see that I can heal, that I am  healing, and that there is hope and life.

I hope whoever reads this, that if you find yourself in my words, you will take a chance that costs you nothing, but that can give you back your connection to your own life.”

In gratitude,

Sandra L. Wells    Owner of The Beehive Shop in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Energy healing for Neuropathy from Diabetes

"To whom it may concern. First I want to say that I’m making this statement voluntarily and with out any promise of payment or any additional free sessions.

I have participated in healing sessions with Daerick Lanakila for the past 2 weeks, for a total of 4 sessions out of 8 total sessions.  I wanted to write about my experience so far.

I have been a diabetic for the past 22 years and for the past 10 years I have suffered from neuropathy. For a long time I have had a numb and cold feeling in lower legs, ankles, and feet, and in fact, sometimes I felt that I was getting worst and not better when it came to the numb feeling on my feet.  I was looking for a homeopathic remedy for my diabetes.    My wife was reading an article about  Daerick Lanakila and his gifted ability to do long distance healing. All the reviews and recommendations were very stellar and I decided to give it a try.

When I began the sessions I was expecting to have a very productive session, as it is as important to have an open mind and a positive attitude to begin healing. After my first session, I began to notice that my feet felt warm and the numbness was less than when I began the first session, in subsequent sessions, I noticed how my feet felt and improved. In my third session I noticed that my feet felt very warm and I noticed that the numbness had subsided quite a bit, but then I felt that the numbness returned and during the consultation, before the last session I brought this to Daerick’s attention and he worked on my feet.

The experience was stunning, to say the least, my feet felt very warm and I could move my toes and ankles much easier than I had in a long time. My feet are warm and the numbness has subsided quite a lot. I’m not here to tell you that I’m healed or that neuropathy has gone away, but I can tell you that in a short few sessions my feet feel great, and my mood, as well as a feeling of relaxation wellness, has come over me like I haven’t felt in a long time. I highly recommend that anyone out there that is thinking about doing something about their diabetes give Daerick Lanakila a try and begin healing.

God bless.   Gerald Rivera, Washington D.C.

Energy Healing from IBS, SIBO, Hashimotos, Depression, Bloating, Anxiety, Insomnia etc...

I’m a woman of 66, and due to viruses and stress, and exposure to toxic heavy

metals in my youth, along with the diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, I have

struggled with Irritable Bowel Disease with chronic constipation for over 25 years.

My symptoms included, joint inflammation, depression, brain fog, anxiety, SIBO,

insomnia, illeocecal valve pain, and bloated stomach—all of which affected my

confidence and mood on a daily basis; and the list goes on.

Over the past 20 years I have visited many experts and specialists, which included

naturopaths, herbalists, chiropractors, and allopathic doctors. I tried several diets

and have shelves and shelves filled with a host of supplements, tinctures, and teas.

Then two months ago I found Daerick. If you find yourself on his list, then count yourself lucky, because he is a rare conduit for pure healing energy. He delivers where those before him could not. I might add

that the human mind is incapable of comprehending the nature of his work, because

it is truly outside of what we have been taught.

It is natural to be skeptical, but my 16 sessions with him have made me almost like

new again. The pain and bloating I suffered daily for all those years, is almost gone,

the anxiety is gone, and I have been able to sleep again. My body is on it’s way to

healing the rest.

I am also subscribing to some of Anthony Williams recommendations in his books and have been following much of his dietary suggestions to the best of my ability. Plain and simple. It’s never too late to become radically healed and whole again.

Daerick was able to see into my body, and energetically remove so much of the

chronic pain and physical problems that had plagued me for years.

On the days he was working on me in Hawaii, I was feeling (and recording on my

calendar) the energy of wellbeing and peace that were flooding my body. When he

called later in the week, we would compare notes. He told me the days and hours

he was transmitting to me, and when I checked my notes those times corresponded

to the days I had recorded the surges of energy and well being.

Daerick was able to clear and remove what was affecting my physical body, so much

so, that I feel I am finally free of those chronic conditions that had steadily robbed

me of my energy and joy. I am eternally grateful to this man for his wonderful and

unusual work.

I am also confident, and know for certain that I am well on my way to better and

better days ahead.

C. Soprano, Westchester, New York

Energy Healing for heavy metal poisoning causing anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, shingles...

As an intuitive it is extremely frustrating to not be able to 'read' myself or give myself the help I need. I have had major physical and emotional issues my entire lifetime, but when I became extremely ill in 2011 with severe mercury poisoning, life became the most horrific nightmare I could not wake up from.

The next 7+ years were nothing less than complete misery, total hell on earth. It is shocking how little modern medicine knows about treating this illness and the depths to which it can destroy lives. I was almost totally bedridden for several months and not able to leave the house freely for years. Bizarre physical and mental symptoms were nonstop - nothing helped and everything I tried actually made me worse. Simple things like taking Vitamin C caused me to have a shingles outbreak. I developed irrational, severe phobias and was unable to even walk near a shower without having full-blown anxiety attacks. Several ER visits left me more in pain and distraught than when I went in, hoping for some kind of help but being met with blank stares and zero help or hope whatsoever. I planned my suicide twice and both times had a very distinct intervention that stopped me, along with the fear that I wouldn't be successful and be stuck living with even more physical issues. But I had no desire to keep living in such deep pain and anguish that nobody could possibly understand. I also lacked any family support or help through this. During this time I also went through a divorce and the death of my two wonderful dogs. I was totally on my own and in the worst place physically and mentally beyond what I ever imagined hell could be.

Out of the blue, a good friend sent me a testimonial from a woman who worked with Daerick, who had similar horrible health issues. I lost count of how many fellow intuitives I had spoken to trying to get well and although they were great in many ways, nothing was working. I don't know why but I clicked on his website and after reading just a little bit I knew he was the real deal, and knew I had to give him a try. His methods were different than anything I had heard of, and I felt so calm and at ease from our first phone call. Energetically I knew he was sincere, incredibly powerful and truly wanted to help people in his unique way.

Within the first week I felt different in more ways than just physical. I remember not reacting to people or situations in ways I used to - and only afterward did it hit me that I felt like a totally different person. Things that had bothered me my entire lifetime no longer had that strange, angry hold on me. I didn't have the heavy resentment towards people I had been angry with for how they had treated me. I felt like something within me had 'let go' of something I wasn't even aware I had been carrying. Keep in mind I had literally done 5+ years of intense release work for these issues and absolutely nothing changed in a noticeable way, yet in one week of Daerick working on me remotely, I felt a release I didn't expect to happen. It's not something you can fake or plan for, or even pretend to have happen.

Even the way I viewed the illness changed. I still had symptom flare-ups, but something in me understood they were not going to last. That feeling alone is worth its weight in gold. Feeling much more neutral, as well as actually feeling hope, were very new feelings for me and nothing I expected to happen.

Daerick spent a LOT of extra time helping me, with extra sessions beyond what he had to and he would check on me periodically even between appointments. He has a level of caring and sincerity that you can feel deeply and there is no question of his authenticity. It can be exhausting dealing with people at their very worst, who have no hope whatsoever and are wanting help but also at the same time doubting life is ever going to change for them. However he handled my meltdowns with empathy and a level of compassion I never experienced before.

It has now been 3 months of working with Daerick and I continue to feel changes both physically and mentally for the better, and also in ways I never experienced before. I know how hard it is to believe in anyone or anything when you are dealing with a health crisis, and I know not everything works the same for everybody. But after my time with Daerick I can say if you are struggling with your health (emotional and physical) and you are reading this, it is your sign to let Daerick help you in his special way. I recommend him so highly, and I am truly grateful to him for all he has done for me.

Lilijana Bizet, Midwest

Energy Healing anxiety, Hashimotos, goiter, fatigue and brain fog.

Although I had tried other types of holistic practitioners to no avail, the experience I have had with

Daerick has been like no other.

Years of psychotherapy could not explain the reasons why I repeated patterns of relationships over and

over and suffered with occasional, yet extreme anxiety. In our initial consultation, Daerick provided me

with the insight and reason as to why this was happening to me. The insights revealed by Daerick, no

matter how much therapy I would have had, would never have revealed these truths to me. Knowing

these truths have provided me with a sense of calm and understanding that these patterns no longer

have a hold on me.

I was also suffering with extreme mental and physical fatigue, as Daerick observed it was like I was

“walking through mud”. When assessing my brain and thinking capability, Daerick observed that “this is

not you, and it is not age related”. And it wasn’t, in fact it was frightening to me that my mental

capabilities: thinking, memory, decision making were declining, when in the past they had been so

sharp. Physically, I had a small window each day of just several hours where I could be productive.

Throughout our sessions I had incremental improvements both physically and mentally. Happily, I now

have the energy and clarity to get through the day.

Additionally I have an autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s Thyroidiitis, with a symptomatic goiter. The

goiter has reduced in size to the point where people have actually noticed the difference!

I am very grateful to Daerick for all his work on my behalf in what has been the most kind, gentle and

productive healing experience I have ever had.

Robin Schiftan, Jacksonville Florida

Energy Healing for an adverse reaction to a vaccine.

I've been suffering from mild to moderate neurological symptoms from a Hep A vaccine 5 years ago.

After doing countless therapies to undo the damage I can safely say that in just 8 sessions with Daerick I've experienced the greatest reduction in my symptoms than from any other modality thus far.

I'd definitely recommend anybody searching for healing to include Daerick's powerful interventions on their journey back to health.

I hope to see continuous improvements over the next few weeks and months.

God bless,

Arthur Clements, Kelowna Canada

Energy Healing a life altering rash and itchiness

"When I first started working with Daerick, I knew right away he was something special. He was SPOT ON during our first consultation and was able to tap into history from my childhood and my innate sensitivity which led me to find a healer in the first place. Being a highly sensitive person means I am sensitive to my environment, other people's emotions, vibrations, energy, and even the way other people react. I FEEL it all. I feel the world's pain and joy.

After years of hiding or trying to forget about my sensitivity, my body began showing me there was an imbalance with physical symptoms. A mysterious rash developed on my body four and a half years ago. I saw countless Western medical doctors and acupuncturists, eastern healers, was placed on hormones, vitamins, minerals, and Chinese herbs. NOTHING HELPED and my frustrations mounted. It felt hopeless and my self esteem was affected, I began avoiding going out in public.

I started to plan my social life around how my skin looked that day. What started off as physical quickly became psychologically damaging. Some days the itching was so intense, or the redness was so bright, that I would cancel plans with friends. And some nights, the intense itching kept me up for hours, or woke me up in the middle of the night. It was miserable. 

I almost gave up, when I found Daerick. Something resonated in me and loudly told me "That's your healer." I'm now on my second round of 8 sessions, and there has been a tremendous change in my symptoms. Daerick was able to ascertain that my symptoms were stemming from a virus my body had been wearily fighting and that there were a lot of emotional wounds that needed healing too. At first, I didn't notice much change physically. However, almost immediately my mental space improved and I started to feel more expansive inside. I felt lighter. I felt the old, limiting beliefs and stories release from my psyche and body. I felt freer than I have in years. 

It wasn't really until the last week of the first month that I started seeing major changes in my body. The rash has shifted form, and become much less noticable in color and shape, and the itching has decreased by I'd say 70%! While we're not quite at 100% symptom freedom yet, we are well on our way and I have complete faith in Daerick's work and my body to complete the healing. Stay the course. Is IS worth it. It took your body time to become out of alignment, and it will take some time to get it back into balance. Trust the process. 

As an added bonus, I feel more emotionally stable, confident, happy, and have attracted money and clients into my life with so much ease that I know my abundance blocks have been lifted too. 

Dearick's work is WELL WORTH IT. Thank you, thank you, thank you. With much aloha." 

Sarah Martin, Florida