Energy Healing a life altering rash and itchiness

"When I first started working with Daerick, I knew right away he was something special. He was SPOT ON during our first consultation and was able to tap into history from my childhood and my innate sensitivity which led me to find a healer in the first place. Being a highly sensitive person means I am sensitive to my environment, other people's emotions, vibrations, energy, and even the way other people react. I FEEL it all. I feel the world's pain and joy.

After years of hiding or trying to forget about my sensitivity, my body began showing me there was an imbalance with physical symptoms. A mysterious rash developed on my body four and a half years ago. I saw countless Western medical doctors and acupuncturists, eastern healers, was placed on hormones, vitamins, minerals, and Chinese herbs. NOTHING HELPED and my frustrations mounted. It felt hopeless and my self esteem was affected, I began avoiding going out in public.

I started to plan my social life around how my skin looked that day. What started off as physical quickly became psychologically damaging. Some days the itching was so intense, or the redness was so bright, that I would cancel plans with friends. And some nights, the intense itching kept me up for hours, or woke me up in the middle of the night. It was miserable. 

I almost gave up, when I found Daerick. Something resonated in me and loudly told me "That's your healer." I'm now on my second round of 8 sessions, and there has been a tremendous change in my symptoms. Daerick was able to ascertain that my symptoms were stemming from a virus my body had been wearily fighting and that there were a lot of emotional wounds that needed healing too. At first, I didn't notice much change physically. However, almost immediately my mental space improved and I started to feel more expansive inside. I felt lighter. I felt the old, limiting beliefs and stories release from my psyche and body. I felt freer than I have in years. 

It wasn't really until the last week of the first month that I started seeing major changes in my body. The rash has shifted form, and become much less noticable in color and shape, and the itching has decreased by I'd say 70%! While we're not quite at 100% symptom freedom yet, we are well on our way and I have complete faith in Daerick's work and my body to complete the healing. Stay the course. Is IS worth it. It took your body time to become out of alignment, and it will take some time to get it back into balance. Trust the process. 

As an added bonus, I feel more emotionally stable, confident, happy, and have attracted money and clients into my life with so much ease that I know my abundance blocks have been lifted too. 

Dearick's work is WELL WORTH IT. Thank you, thank you, thank you. With much aloha." 

Sarah Martin, Florida