Energy Healing anxiety, Hashimotos, goiter, fatigue and brain fog.

Although I had tried other types of holistic practitioners to no avail, the experience I have had with

Daerick has been like no other.

Years of psychotherapy could not explain the reasons why I repeated patterns of relationships over and

over and suffered with occasional, yet extreme anxiety. In our initial consultation, Daerick provided me

with the insight and reason as to why this was happening to me. The insights revealed by Daerick, no

matter how much therapy I would have had, would never have revealed these truths to me. Knowing

these truths have provided me with a sense of calm and understanding that these patterns no longer

have a hold on me.

I was also suffering with extreme mental and physical fatigue, as Daerick observed it was like I was

“walking through mud”. When assessing my brain and thinking capability, Daerick observed that “this is

not you, and it is not age related”. And it wasn’t, in fact it was frightening to me that my mental

capabilities: thinking, memory, decision making were declining, when in the past they had been so

sharp. Physically, I had a small window each day of just several hours where I could be productive.

Throughout our sessions I had incremental improvements both physically and mentally. Happily, I now

have the energy and clarity to get through the day.

Additionally I have an autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s Thyroidiitis, with a symptomatic goiter. The

goiter has reduced in size to the point where people have actually noticed the difference!

I am very grateful to Daerick for all his work on my behalf in what has been the most kind, gentle and

productive healing experience I have ever had.

Robin Schiftan, Jacksonville Florida