Energy Healing for heavy metal poisoning causing anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, shingles...

As an intuitive it is extremely frustrating to not be able to 'read' myself or give myself the help I need. I have had major physical and emotional issues my entire lifetime, but when I became extremely ill in 2011 with severe mercury poisoning, life became the most horrific nightmare I could not wake up from.

The next 7+ years were nothing less than complete misery, total hell on earth. It is shocking how little modern medicine knows about treating this illness and the depths to which it can destroy lives. I was almost totally bedridden for several months and not able to leave the house freely for years. Bizarre physical and mental symptoms were nonstop - nothing helped and everything I tried actually made me worse. Simple things like taking Vitamin C caused me to have a shingles outbreak. I developed irrational, severe phobias and was unable to even walk near a shower without having full-blown anxiety attacks. Several ER visits left me more in pain and distraught than when I went in, hoping for some kind of help but being met with blank stares and zero help or hope whatsoever. I planned my suicide twice and both times had a very distinct intervention that stopped me, along with the fear that I wouldn't be successful and be stuck living with even more physical issues. But I had no desire to keep living in such deep pain and anguish that nobody could possibly understand. I also lacked any family support or help through this. During this time I also went through a divorce and the death of my two wonderful dogs. I was totally on my own and in the worst place physically and mentally beyond what I ever imagined hell could be.

Out of the blue, a good friend sent me a testimonial from a woman who worked with Daerick, who had similar horrible health issues. I lost count of how many fellow intuitives I had spoken to trying to get well and although they were great in many ways, nothing was working. I don't know why but I clicked on his website and after reading just a little bit I knew he was the real deal, and knew I had to give him a try. His methods were different than anything I had heard of, and I felt so calm and at ease from our first phone call. Energetically I knew he was sincere, incredibly powerful and truly wanted to help people in his unique way.

Within the first week I felt different in more ways than just physical. I remember not reacting to people or situations in ways I used to - and only afterward did it hit me that I felt like a totally different person. Things that had bothered me my entire lifetime no longer had that strange, angry hold on me. I didn't have the heavy resentment towards people I had been angry with for how they had treated me. I felt like something within me had 'let go' of something I wasn't even aware I had been carrying. Keep in mind I had literally done 5+ years of intense release work for these issues and absolutely nothing changed in a noticeable way, yet in one week of Daerick working on me remotely, I felt a release I didn't expect to happen. It's not something you can fake or plan for, or even pretend to have happen.

Even the way I viewed the illness changed. I still had symptom flare-ups, but something in me understood they were not going to last. That feeling alone is worth its weight in gold. Feeling much more neutral, as well as actually feeling hope, were very new feelings for me and nothing I expected to happen.

Daerick spent a LOT of extra time helping me, with extra sessions beyond what he had to and he would check on me periodically even between appointments. He has a level of caring and sincerity that you can feel deeply and there is no question of his authenticity. It can be exhausting dealing with people at their very worst, who have no hope whatsoever and are wanting help but also at the same time doubting life is ever going to change for them. However he handled my meltdowns with empathy and a level of compassion I never experienced before.

It has now been 3 months of working with Daerick and I continue to feel changes both physically and mentally for the better, and also in ways I never experienced before. I know how hard it is to believe in anyone or anything when you are dealing with a health crisis, and I know not everything works the same for everybody. But after my time with Daerick I can say if you are struggling with your health (emotional and physical) and you are reading this, it is your sign to let Daerick help you in his special way. I recommend him so highly, and I am truly grateful to him for all he has done for me.

Lilijana Bizet, Midwest