Energy Healing for numbness, neuralgia and neurological pain

"I truly feel that Daerick Lanakila is a miracle worker. I have been working with him consistently since May and have almost fully recovered from a severe health issue.

In August 2016 I went to the emergency room two times because I could not feel my left arm, felt numbness tingling in my legs or lift my head very well. I had 5 MRIs and 5 CAT scans and they could not discover what exactly was happening. Over a span of nine months I saw a General Health Practitioner, Neurologist, Chiropractor, Sports medicine doctor, Naturopath, 2 Acupuncturists, Medical Intuitive Doctor, Spiritual healers and I visited these doctors several times each. 

During my visits they would try their technique and not make consistent improvement. In fact some of the Doctors made me feel like I was crazy or was making the whole thing up. I was in so much pain daily and spent most of the day in bed or a warm bath. I refused to take medication from the neurologist because I knew that would not solve the problem. I was desperate to find help and kept praying and searching. I read Anthony Williams' book and finally felt like someone knew what was going on. I found Daerick after searching for more ways to further my healing with Anthony Williams. 

During our first session I felt hope with Daerick. He instantly recognized where the pain was generating from and began to work on me. The first few months I noticed a shift occur immediately after our sessions. My body felt calmer and the symptoms would stop for awhile.I knew it was a result of our sessions because I was not working with anyone else. During the session we would quickly check in and then review after what he had worked on. I felt Daerick's work was improving my health so I consistently met with him and still do today. 

Daerick has given me a quality of life that is amazing. I am typing this testimony up which is something I could not have done a few months ago. He has helped me not only improve my physical health but also helped me release emotional patterns that have not been supportive. I am a stronger, happier, healthier woman because of Daerick. He has saved my life!"

Melissa Luyben, California