Energy healing for a deeper sense of peace and well being.

"Daerick comes from his heart with his work. He has the unique ability to connect into physical and emotional energy that is going on within your body and it allows him to deliver the energetic message of what you want to create for yourself. He allows your body to show him what the next step is to reaching your goals.

He can get to the core of an issue and release blocks, residue, fear and more that may be hindering having what you want. Your goal statement maybe the ultimate, but the work in the moment with Daerick is what you need or you are ready to or can move now! He sees what is presenting itself now, to be cleared. Each person has their unique experience of the work. As I have and each session can be very different.

He has worked with me several times and each time I find a deeper feeling of peace, health and well-being.  He has helped me to clear residue and fears that kept me from having what I wanted.  Many times we work on areas that may not be the core because I needed to clear other areas before moving onto a deeper level.  As we work on each layer I experienced movement and feeling closer to my goals.  Sometimes it was baby steps and other times a huge shift in my energy.  His work is assisting me to heal and get to my ultimate goal.  And now, I feel more alive, happy and positive than I have ever felt in my life.  And as I continue on this path, I expect to feel even better.  I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me. Thank you!!!" 

Kayla C Portland Oregon