Energy healing for deeper inner peace and stuck patterns.

"Daerick is truly an energy surgeon. He is so gifted at working with Quantum energy in very subtle manner. His Being really makes it easy to connect with his process. This was extremely powerful for me because I FELT I was in the driver's seat of my healing process, which we always are but this felt quite different.

I have experienced many energy healings before but I have not felt this level of co-creation ever. Very empowering! After my sessions, I felt I was wearing a "new skin" coat. With Daerick's support, I learned to befriend ALL the energies - the good, bad, ugly - for true freedom and acceptance.

I felt much more grounded, clear, and experienced deeper inner peace and courage to transcend my life challenges. If you are struggling with any deep reoccuring patterns, get unstuck wtih Daerick's support. You will not be disappointed. Thank you, Daerick, for sharing your gifts and serving with much integrity and presence." Shweta Parmar - Certified Ayurvedic Practioner, Therapist, Self-Healer New York