Energy healing for edema, joint pain, inflammation, fatigue, digestive issues etc.

“In my desperate and seemingly endless search for help for my debilitating physical health and the ensuing emotional distresses, I found Daerick online. I had purchased sessions with other energy healers with only mediocre results,which were fleeting, expensive and pointless, in the end. After 13 years of trying every conceivable avenue of healing, medical doctors, naturopaths, hypnosis, accupunture, supplements and extreme dietary alterations, with only small degrees of improvement in my symptoms, I was absolutely desperate to find relief for my ailments.

  I had so very much wrong with me, many symptoms ranging from, but not limited to: weight gain, headaches, food intolerences, extreme fatigue, skin and complexion flushing, redness,(not rosacea) chronic digestive issues resulting in vomiting and diarrhea. Ultra sensitivity to heat and nauseousness following anything and everything I ate.  My blood and other medical  tests showed a variety of issues, intestinal bacteria, food sensitivities to excess, highly elevated C - Reactive Protein ( markers of body inflammation), increased blood sugar, (despite a very low carb diet), respiratory  inflammation, hormonal imbalances, non-malignant lesions over my heart, pancreas, and liver, elevated liver enzymes, and an under-active thyroid.


Though normally a determined and optimistic person, after so very long of finding dead end after dead end of every avenue I pursued, combined with my declining health, my emotional state began the same sharp decline as my physical being.  My physical and emotional exhaustion were the dominant forces in my life, taking a very heavy toll on every area of my life.  I became increasingly despondent, no one could find out what was wrong with my body, only symptoms, and therefore there was no successes to be had in treating me, and that was the greatest frustration of all.

My frustration led to ever increasing levels of despondency and then true despair. Even though I have a good life and I do what I love, with supportive loved ones trying to help me, my despair descended into futility and hopelessness.


Reading about and seeing person after person improved or healed with every healing modality that I had tried, all except me, only gave my downward emotional slide impetus. I certainly didn't begrudge anyone healing, quite the opposite, I am happy to see others heal, I just so desperately wanted to be one of them.

I began a search for energy healers. I had read of Edgar Cayce as a young girl and had always wished to find someone to help me in a similar way to the way that so many other people had received help, even from great distances.


I searched and read many biographies of all sorts of energy healers and, finally settled on Daerick. It did not matter to me if a healer was male or female, or of what race or religion, or from what country, I narrowed my selections until I was down to only a few, and after reading some of the reviews, I took a chance. Daerick is not known to me, nor was referred by anyone, and certainly there is no remuneration for my review, from him or anyone else.

The reason I am writing this review is for other people who are suffering the same sense of hopelessness I was, exhausted, soul-weary, depressed and ill, with no conceivable relief in sight, and if all else has failed, I urge you to give Daerick a chance. The real deciding factor for me was that he was willing to give a no charge consultation, and I had thought that why not? I had spent years and thousands of dollars to little avail, and here was someone offering me a free consultation and though I was not overly hopeful, I gave it a shot. There was nothing for me to lose. But just maybe, he could help me.


After I spoke with Daerick during our consult, I knew immediately that I was going to purchase a block of healing sessions, he was able to see into my body, tell me what I was feeling and why. In my case, it is a virus that has avoided being detected by medical tests, and energetically he is healing me. I don't mean to say working on me, although he is, I very much mean healing me. At the time of this writing, it is early February, and I have had twice-weekly sessions with Daerick since the end of November. I was able to feel Daerick working on me from my very first session, though everybody is different, and not all feel it straight away. I felt better emotionally, because finally someone was doing something for me and I could feel it.  And, more tangibly, my sister looked at me, in awe, and said that I looked better. And, the edema in my legs had even abated noticeably. Daerick improves my physical state every time we speak, degree by degree, tangibly such as pain relief, and reduction in edema and joint swelling, and intangibly, through feeling lighter, brighter, clearer and more like myself of before becoming ill.


I love speaking to Daerick, the warmth of a true healer travels across the miles through his voice and soothes not only my pains and inflammation, but also my very being. It is a process to be sure, I did not become this ill overnight, and I will not heal overnight, but I am healing!  When hopelessness and despair is all that makes up a life, it becomes unbearable, and if there is a silver lining to that darkest of clouds, it is that it just takes the smallest spark of the light of hope to burgeon  into the warm light of healing. For me, that light is Daerick, and I am making progress, it is slow, and I have little relapses now and then, but it is steady, forward progress and for the first time in a very long time, I can see that I can heal, that I am  healing, and that there is hope and life.

I hope whoever reads this, that if you find yourself in my words, you will take a chance that costs you nothing, but that can give you back your connection to your own life.”

In gratitude,

Sandra L. Wells    Owner of The Beehive Shop in Calgary, Alberta, Canada