Energy Healing for hip pain, grief, foot pain, fear.

"I met Daerick and Nedrra Lanakila on accident. Woops, there goes my analytical mind again, I mean, by divine intervention. I was traveling with a friend in support of her court case in Hilo, HI and she spoke of this incredible Air B n B owned by this lovely couple whom she happened to meet on FB, oops, there it goes again. No accidents, no happenstance.

It was all perfect. I don’t mean the white picket fence kind of perfect, I mean the “moving your soul’s path along its’ intended direction” kind of perfect; messy, weird, completely out of the blue kind of perfect. Daerick and Nedrra showed us around the property, gave us instructions, and what not. The energy of their property was strikingly peaceful, as in something I’ve only felt once or twice in my lifetime.

When I first met Daerick I was struck by how kind, compassionate and peaceful he was. It took me by surprise, I even mentioned it to my friend, and she said, “Oh, my god, I know, he’s such a loving person!” We stayed with them at Volcano Island Haven twice, under very difficult circumstances for my friend, and their home and property were absolutely the most peaceful, safe, rejuvenating place we came back to every evening. About 5 years ago I went through some traumatic losses that were life changing events and I knew that I needed to hire a very kind, compassionate man to help me work through that. Not to mention I’ve had serious dad issues (my biological father is a Narcissist) to deal with that I hadn’t previously taken on in any other type of therapy. I had asked the universe to bring me the perfect person for me to work with.

My friend told me that Daerick and Neddra both did energy work. After the second visit to Volcano, I returned home and hit a critical turning point that I knew I absolutely needed help with. I had done EVERYTHING I could on my own; therapy, sound healing sessions, float tank sessions, journaling, traveling, you name it. I had already pushed so far outside of my comfort zone to help me get back to “myself”, and yet there was still this large gap between where I was and where I wanted to be. I had no idea what the “work” would look like, had no clue what to expect, and I didn’t care. After meeting them both and just feeling the incredible healing energy of their property, I knew it was a fit.

During our first session, the first thing he said was my throat and heart chakras were shut down. I knew my heart chakra was closed, I could feel it, I could feel my apprehension within every single interaction I had with every single person I encountered. I was absolutely living in fear of having my heart broken again, of loss, of losing myself. I wasn’t aware of my throat chakra, but it made perfect sense. Not feeling “heard”, losing my own internal voice, not being able to hear my own internal voice, etc. Additionally, I told him that all the women in my family had hypothyroidism, all of them! So, I see that as a family lineage problem. Additionally, 3 out of the 5 women in my family on my mom’s side also had breast cancer, another medical out-picturing of a closed heart chakra. For the next 2 sessions, Daerick worked on re-activating both my throat and heart chakras and within a few days wrote up a program for work that I had been thinking about for quite some time but hadn’t found the “words” to put it to paper. I sat down one Thursday morning and completed it in an hour!

During our 3rd session together out of the blue Daerick mentioned the pain I was experiencing in my hip. I immediately started laughing (that’s what I do when I’m nervous), I knew he was intuitive but I didn’t know that he could see the pain issues that are presenting in the body along with the emotional! I said that yes, I had been running off and on for about 30 years and that in the last year I had to take 5 months off to let my hip heal. I had begun to run again, only 1 week prior to my first session with Daerick and the hip pain started back up immediately. I was shocked, I took a ton of time off to let it heal. I didn’t mention it because I didn’t know he could address something like that.

Previously, I had literally done everything I could to fix my hip issue, I have a background in Sports Medicine so I knew exactly how to treat it, yet nothing was working the way I believed it should have. I did self-myofascial release, chiropractic work, stretching, taping, massage, I used a great anti-inflammatory cream called Blu Emu, and still no relief. I literally had no idea that my hip pain was directly connected to my grief. No clue. I woke up the next morning after our 3rd session and just asked myself, “Well, what is your hip responsible for?” Answer: Literally moving your body forward. I realized, “Oh my god, I’ve been experiencing this hip pain because I have been scared to DEATH of moving forward in my life.” After so much loss, betrayal, and crushing disappointments, I was literally living in fear of putting one foot forward in front of the other to get on with the rest of my life. I was energetically stuck and it was physically showing up in my right hip and was sometimes very painful as if I had a contusion.

The hip pain immediately began to improve and is still 90% better from day 1. A few sessions after that, I had a day where I was feeling resentful again about one of the losses and the hip pain showed up again, not as bad this time, but definitely still present. I couldn’t believe it! I could see how my grief, anger, and resentment were directly related to my hip issue. The next day I chose to focus on the affirmation that Nedrra had instructed me on and no surprise, the hip pain diminished back again! The hip pain continues to improve, and Daerick also performed some work on my big left toe that currently has a bunion. In energy medicine, this is related to “not fully experiencing the joy and pleasure in life”. Yep, makes perfect sense. How could I be experiencing the full joy of life when I am still living in fear! The toe pain is now 98% better, I have begun to open my heart and throat chakras again and have chosen to make a great leap forward in my career, something I have been considering for the last 6 years.

I am forever grateful to these kind, beautiful souls Daerick and Nedrra and can’t wait to see where the work takes me next. "

Tamaara Smith, Los Angeles CA