Energy healing for Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), Migraines and blurry vision.

"The following is my experience with the energy healing I received throughout my 8 sessions with Daerick. Firsthand just need to share that this healing is real! Although, most of us seeking this type of therapy, want and or wish for instant gratification. Allow me to explain, there is no magic nor instant healing. Everything is a process. With this in mind, I will state that my first session was amazing. The rush of energy was real intense and strikingly felt throughout my entire body. However, I am very blessed to be in tune with my body as well as my emotions. Therefore, it allows me to notice this type of energy flow.

In 2008 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) which is a debilitating auto immune disease that causes extreme pain throughout the whole body. After my first session my pain went from a high 9 to a 6, which is a significant reduction in less than an hour. If you are suffering from any pain I strongly suggest you give this therapy a try. It's truly an amazing treatment not to be confused with cure. Every session was different. The second session left me feeling extremely fatigued and worried, if what I was doing was right for me. After my third session I continued to feel fatigued and lethargic, ugh.... What have I done? Was my immediate feeling. Then it hit me. That feeling is what is called the healing crisis. It's the phase that the body goes through in order to remove built up emotions that are trapped in our bodies causing pain and discomfort. Thankfully after the fourth session my body was again releasing more of the pain that was buried deep within my left eye socket causing pain that led to migraines and extreme blurring in my vision, to a point of desperation! Once again I continued with the healing sessions that only brought me more comfort and positive healing. The pain levels from my RA have steadied at about a 3, which has me resuming back to normal activities with less strain on my body and joints. As for my the migraines those have vanished from my left eye and the blurry vision is almost back to normal. The way I can explain this , is the healing only occurs when we let go and allow the energy to release,  whatever the mind has stored away...causing us the physical discomfort, disease, illness or pain within. I'd like to thank those who can help with their true gift of healing. Daerick is indeed gifted and an amazing transmitter of positive energy. I am forever changed do to his need to help all those whom are willing to make the effort in healing through energy therapy. With a grateful heart, blessings to all."
Renee Acevedo, New Mexico