Energy healing help through chemotherapy

"I have been working with Daerick for about three months or so and I feel like a new person,  a lot less fear, much more courageous, more clarity about myself and the direction I am going, and physically, mentally, and spiritually stronger!!! I have been living with ovarian cancer for four years and have tried mainstream medicine of chemo therapy and drugs to try to rid my body of cancer, I have also tried many alternative approaches to rid my body of cancer, but still I am sharing my body with cancer.

I have a background in the holistic healing field and deeply believed I could help my body be well and healthy but I also had so much fear about the cancer in my body and what it would eventually do to me. In my very first session with Daerick he talked about how dense the fear was surrounding me, and in me and how we needed to release the heavy fear before other layers of the healing work could be done. He shared with me about the blocked energy he saw in my body and how stagnant blocked energy doesn't allow your body to flow and heal, and I knew this from my holistic healing background, it is why I choose to work with Daerick in the first place.

Well the first few weeks of working with Daerick  were hard for me as he released the fearful energy surrounding me I felt ,more anxious, more fearful, irritated. and all stirred up inside. When we talked on the telephone and I explained how I was feeling I remember him saying "Well we really stirred up the hornets nest didn't we." His words were spot on that is exactly how I felt and as hard as it was I knew without a doubt we were doing deep work together physically, mentally and spiritually to help me heal. 

As the weeks went on we did some work on past life issues that were influencing this life and my ability to heal and that too proved to be very deep work of releasing thought patterns, behaviors, energies that no longer served me to make room for healing, health, courage, faith, and hope to vibrate in me.

As all this energy/spiritual work was going on physically my health was improving even though I was on a low dose of chemo I felt really good, I had lots of energy, I was eating good, I had a renewed sense of well being and courage, I was full of hope and happiness and my cancer marker blood count was dropping lower and faster than ever before. I was indeed healing and I felt great on all levels. My work with Daerick was making a big impact on me and my life!  

Daerick even helped me work through some business ideas I had about teaching therapeutic  yoga and helping people find more health and healing through combining yoga, gi-gong movements and meditation techniques for health and wellness. He was so open about helping me heal on all levels and had good advice that I took in and utilized to empower myself, my health and my life!  

I do want to make one thing very clear no one can heal you have to be a 100% in it yourself and working on yourself on all levels too, physically doing everything you can to give your body all the nutritious foods and or supplements it needs to restore health, and you have to be willing to look at your thoughts and emotions and realize if they are serving your health or your disease and be willing to change them, and last but not least feeling connected to your soul and listening to it's wise whispers will bring peace to your body and mind and health to all of you!!! My time with Daerick has

 been a blessing on my healing journey and I am so grateful to be working with him."

Kelley Farisato, California