Letting go of long held fears and beliefs through energy healing or energy medicine

" Going into a session with Daerick, I really did not know what to expect and felt a little apprehensive. I had just expereinced my first session with his wife Nedrra while she visited California. During our time she told me that I was ready for an energy clearing with Daerick and a couple of days later I was on the phone to Hawaii. What amazed me most was how Daerick tuned into the troublesome areas in my body, mind and soul and somehow gave me permission to let go of unhealthy habits, patterns and thoughts through whatever he was doing on the other side of the phoneline! They were just surprisingly to the point. I would neve have allowed myself to shift without his help. When I hung up, I just felt really joyful and so good to go! Thank you Daerick!" Anett Kennedy, Arroyo Grande, CA U.S.A.