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Why Quantum Healing?

Why Quantum Healing?

Deepak Chopra coined the term quantum healing to invoke the idea of a process whereby a person's health "imbalance" is corrected by quantum mechanical means. Quantum mechanics is very simply put, particle-like and wave-like behavior and interactions of energy and matter.

What does all that mean? It means that matter, or something physical like allergic reactions, can be changed by energy.

Quantum Healing is using energy to change matter.

Now, because this definition is so vague, that means there are many practitioners using quantum healing in a variety of ways. How I use it effectively is very unique to my training and process, as well as combining shamanic modalities as needed.

From my perspective, Quantum healing is working with an individual to activate their own body/mind intelligence to heal what it has not been healing.

We start with the understanding that our body was created and designed to be able to heal itself. This is called homeostasis. So if our body is not healing, then why not? What is creating the block that somehow has allowed us to be sick, depressed, hypersensitive?

These questions are more important then the healing process. If you just address the physcal or emotional condition, then you are doing as Western Medicine does, which is to only address the symptom and not the cause. As we know if western medicine, sometimes this works great, and other times it fails miserably. Because the underlying cause is still active, your body will continue to look for ways to manifest this. Either in the same way, if the same physical condition persists, or in a new way if you managed to heal or mask out the current physical condition.

This is why whatever practitioner you decide to go with, if you are interested in long term results, you want to make sure they are looking for and now how to identify the underlying cause of the condition you are experiencing.

For some people this can be much easier then others. For my clientele, it can actually be quite complicated, which is why they generally have not had successful results with western medicine or alternative practitioners. I'm usually the last stop on a long list of things or practitioners they've tried.

Before I go into why this can be very complicated, let's first talk about why it is more then just physical. Because our bodies are designed to be in homeostasis, if they are not healing themselves then most of the time there is another reason, other then physical.

Let's use one of my clients as an example.

John (name changed) came to me because he was experiencing severe conditions of vertigo. So severe, that he couldn't go outside if there was the slightest wind, and was going to need to quit his job because it was happening every day and even driving was becoming an issue.

He had gone to several western medicine specialists, went through a battery of tests, and no one could identity what was happening nor help him in any way.

Through a recommendation John found his way to me. When I energetically looked at John and his condition, I saw that the cause was connected to an emotional issue from his childhood. John had a traumatic event in his childhood (who hasn't, right?). But for John, this event caused him to form a strong belief. A belief that it wasn't safe to be out in the world on his own. John had created an identity within himself, and its job was to protect him from experiencing this trauma again ( a very common thing most of us do). 

Because John was never taught how to deal with identities, John was ignoring it, and pushing through his fear and going out into the world. So it looked for other ways to protect him. Finally, after years of this emotional belief system being agitated and challenged, it was able to create a physical condition in John to accomplish its goal of protecting John.

Remember this is all on an unconscious level, and not a conscious, logical level. Identities or fear based belief systems are not logical and cannot be dispelled by logic or will alone. You know this is true as all of us have tried to reason with our own fears at some time or another, and miserably failed. You may have been able to give that speech, but you were still terrified when you did it. 

The  vertigo was soon going to stop John from leaving his house very often, and certainly he wouldn't be able to go to work. From an unconscious, fear based place, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

I'll talk a lot more about identities and belief systems in another blog. But for John, this was just one layer. This was the root cause. But not the only thing going on. 

John also had energies affecting him that were magnifying this fear. I'll get into that in another blog.

Working together, John was able to address the identity, release the fear, release the patterns that had been set in place to create the physical condition, and began to experience the vertigo less frequently, until eventually it went away completely. 

This is just one example of other layers of causes that can contribute to a condition. There can also be past life fear or beliefs that come forward.

The amazing thing about this type of quantum healing is that not only does the physical condition get addressed, but deeper emotional fears get released, which has the wonderful side effect of creating a deeper inner peace within oneself.

There are many practitioners who have various degrees of success dealing with the physical condition. But when you've tried many things that aren't working, then I suggest finding a practitioner who can help you to see the root cause, and can also address past life energies, identities, entity type energy and the physical condition, as any one of these can stop you from the healing you're seeking.

What has been your experience? Have you found something that is working great for you? Please share in the comments below.