spiritural healer

Understanding your journey of healing with energy healers

How do you keep motivated and hope alive when you are having a hard day or a hard week?

This has been a theme today with several of my clients.

They feel better each week working with me. Some dramatic changes, some minor improvements, but overall feeling better. Then they hit a speedbump. They have a few days that are worse, or even a week that is worse and it becomes demoralizing. Now understand it is not worse then when they started with me, but worse then the previous week. But they are not seeing that in those times.

Because they have been through so many ups and downs, they can go into a tailspin thinking this is another process that isn’t working. I’m always able to show them the truth of where they are after talking with them, that yes, they had a few bad days or a bad week, but even this bad week is much better then before. That helps them to recover, and they typically recover very quickly and have more improvements

The process of healing is rarely linear. It is frought with ups and downs, especially when you have a lot of symptoms going on, as most of my clients do. I tell my clients the daily journey is not as important to me as the weekly journey. In other words, you are going to have some good day and some not as good days. But I want you to be able to look back and see that overall this week was better then last week.

You might say to yourself, I used to have anxiety every day all the time and the intensity ranges from a 5-9 on a scale 1-10 with 10 being the worst. This past week I had 2 days that were better, and the anxiety was a 4.

Then next week you notice that you had 3 days at a 4, but also you noticed you didn’t have any days that were a 9. So the frequency and the intensity are both dropping. This is a very important distinction. Sometimes the frequency will lessen, or sometimes the intensity will lessen and sometimes both.

To be able to see that you are improving when you take the week into account overall will help you to get through those days that come up that feel like you went backwards. This is just one way in which the body can heal.

There are many ways the body heals, and sometimes it is linear. Some clients will tell me they no longer have a specific symptom, like brain fog, and several other symptoms are still present but less intense. When multiple symptoms are connected energetically, I never know which is going to heal first. Sometimes the most intense symptom will start to heal first, and sometimes a lesser symptom will begin. But regardless of what a client begins to notice, this tells them we are beginning to break the pattern and their body is responding to the treatments.

Once the body begins to respond, even if it might seem temporary, that is the beginning of more significant healing. Depending on how long somebody has had a condition or how intense it is could determine how quickly it changes. But I’ve seen conditions that someone has had for 30-40 years heal quickly, and some they have had for only months take longer. So there is no real knowing until you begin with a healer.

Sometimes you may not notice any changes in the beginning. If the healing is really happening, then the most likely reason is all the healing energy is being directed to stopping the progression of the condition. Stopping the progression is a major achievement, yet how will you know? You won’t feel better, but you won’t feel worse. When this happens in my practice, usually within the second week my client begins to feel better, and this confirms that the first week was working on the deeper cause of the condition.

And finally, sometimes you dont notice any changes. I can work with 10 people who have migraines, and 9 of them will notice significant changes but one person won’t notice anything. I usually don’t know why that last person is not changing. It could be karmic, it could be something going on that my work is just not helping with. In those case I refund 100% of what they paid me, and if I can help them to find someone else who might be able to help.

What is a major pet peeve of mine, is when healers tell their clients that they are resisting the healing and that is why it is not working. That may be true, but it is the healers job to release that resistance, or find a way to work around it. Blaming the patient for them not healing is a cop out. If my client doesn’t heal, this is a deficiency in my work, not a deficiency in my client. This means for some reason I am not able to help and that goes back to me. It is not your fault. I know I can’t heal everyone, but that is my shortcoming, not yours. That’s why I want to refund your money and help you find someone else who may be able to do something I wasn’t able to do.

This is all about your healing journey, not mine. Not my ego, or my possible inexperience. I’ll talk about what to look for in a practitioner in a future blog.