Financial Assistance - Spiritual Lottery

Thank you for inquiring for help. Daerick reserves part of his practice to help those that cannot afford his regular rates.

There are over 5,000 people in the financial assistance lottery right now. Daerick is able to help 5-10 people each month. However, he gets about 30-50 new requests each month. There is no guarantee you will be selected, as it is impossible for Daerick to work with everyone on this list. 

If you would prefer a shorter wait and are able to afford the $1997 either by credit card or debit card, please sign up for the premium healing package using the button below.

By submitting a form using the Spiritual Lottery form below, you will be put into our financial assistance waitlist. When a space becomes available, Daerick allows his Universe and intuition to guide him as to who he will work with next. He won't be able to have time for most people,  so please understand if we don't get in contact with you.  

Your Free Consultation will be scheduled if/when your name is selected for the Spiritual Lottery.