Natural Healing Methods that work.

I specialize in helping the Highly Sensitive Person heal. Why? Because I am highly sensitive as well. I understand the emotional and physical toll it can take on you. 20 years ago I needed help to find my way out and I can help you reclaim your life as well. Whether you have a physical condition like fibromyalgia, environmental sensitivities, or you're affected by the energy and emotions of people around you, all of it is possible to recover from. You can heal from the comfort and safety of your own home since our work is done over the phone.

I use quantum healing to activate your own body/mind intelligence to heal what it has not been healing. Taking it a step further, I "look" at what may be blocking or hindering your body from healing itself, and facilitate removing those blocks.

Because our bodies are designed to heal themselves, if we're not healthy, physically or emotionally, then there is a reason. My job is figure out why and address the core.

The amazing thing about this type of healing is that not only does the physical condition get addressed, but deeper emotional fears get released, which has the wonderful side effect of creating a deeper inner peace within oneself. 

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Why Distance Healing?

Quantum Healing allows the ability to heal from a distance. While it takes time for practitioners to learn to be effective, it can be a very advanced form of healing, which allows the practitioner to be more focused on the healing of the client versus dealing with other issues that can come up in person. The greatest benefit I believe is to the client, who can have access to an effective healer without having to travel or leave their home, which many times is not possible for the client.

I have been doing distance healing for over 16 years. The first 4 years of my training were in person, and now about 85% of my treatments are distance with clients around the world.

How does Distance Healing work?

Quantum healing is using energy to heal.  Since energy travels at the speed of light, it is virtually instant in our perception. Most of us have experienced a form of this and not realized it. Have you ever been thinking of someone you know, and the phone rings and it's them? Or you call them and they say they were just thinking about you? That is a very basic form and example of energy. You have a connection to that person already. When they start thinking about you, or you them, the connection already begins. If you or they are in a receptive state, then sometimes we realize this connection and are amazed when they call. 

I have spent numerous hours training how to magnify this ability in the area of healing. When we work together, it is extremely likely you will feel something during our treatment. You may not know what it is, but you will feel things like your pain subsiding, feeling more at peace, more energetic, or numerous other experiences that will indicate to you the healing that is happening within your body.

Experience and Empathy

Using Quantum Healing techniques that I’ve developed over the last 20 years as a professional practitioner, I specialize in working with highly sensitive adults and children like yourself, or someone you know, heal from the emotional and physical pain it can bring in their lives.

If you will pardon me, I’m going to speak to you as though you are the one who is highly sensitive, although I know you may be reading this because your child is sensitive, or your partner, friend or family member is the one that is highly sensitive.

I trust you’ve probably already tried more traditional approaches, and that is great because sometimes those work. But since you’re on my site, I’m going to assume that it isn’t working for you, it’s only working to a certain degree and you want to take it to the next level, or you prefer non-traditional methods, or more natural methods for your healing.

I’ve helped many people like yourself heal from the downside of being sensitive, while retaining the positive aspects of these sensitivities.

I’m an expert in this field not just because I’ve spent the last 20 years of my professional career focusing on this, but I have my own deep understanding of what you may be going through, because I am also a highly sensitive person. I know what it takes to heal from this.

If you’ll bear with me for a minute, I’d like to share with you a little bit about my story in hopes that it can be an inspiration for your healing, and you’ll learn a little bit about what I may be able to help you with.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve been highly sensitive. I can remember at 4 years old going over to a friends house and asking if she could come out and play. When her mom said no, I started crying, because I thought she was rejecting me.

Or as a young adult in a relationship that I knew was not right, but I still loved that person and the thought of breaking up with them, the pain it would cause them and me, was overwhelming, because I could feel their pain as well as mine.

The emotional heartache due to my sensitivities and not having anyone to help me understand and navigate through them has been excrutiatingly painful. There were many times I thought, this is just too hard. I don’t want to be here. It would be so much easier to just end my life.

Somehow I never got to the depth of actually trying, but I believe you understand me when I talk about how painful this can be. Things that others seem to have no problem with, can be really hard for us.

My sensitivities weren’t just emotional, but physical as well. I had to have countless operations as a child due to my physical sensitivities. The list of foods, plants, grasses and animals I was allergic to was incredibly long.  All of this was a physical manifestation of my sensitivities.

About 25 years ago i had a series of experiences that led me on a spiritual journey, to find somone who could help me navigate out of this, and to find out how to use this as a gift rather then a curse. This is what lead me become a quantum healing practitioner. I found someone who understood from a spiritual perspective what I was going through. I’d like to pass on that gift to you, and be that person for you.

Take Action

Please understand, I am still highly sensitive, but instead of being subjected to the emotional pain and physical limitations, I’ve learned how to make this gift work for me in many incredible ways. In order to protect myself emotionally as a child and adult, I learned how to read the emotions and energy of other people. This was an unconscious process, and I used it consciously to stay away from some people, or to know when to not say anything around them. Now I use this ability in my healing practice to be able to feel where you are having issues, and to help you change that response in your body to something that is more pleasing to you.

Do you have a vision of what your life would be like without these limitations?

What would you be doing that you can’t do now?

I really believe that you have a special gift that can truly benefit this world. Whether you’re here to help animals, children, the environment, or your fellow man, I’d be honored to be part of your journey.

However, first we need to focus on some of those things you feel are sabotaging your life. Whether that is physical or emotional, you have the opportunity to heal.

I only work with 20 clients a month. I keep my practice limited so that I am available to you in ways that can profoundly change your life. I’m not independently wealthy or rich, so I do have to charge for my services, but if you have serious financial difficulties, I do set aside part of my time for those that need a sliding scale for my fees. 

All of our work is done over the phone, so you can be in the safety of your own home, while I work with you from my home in Hawaii.

If you’d like to talk with me more, and have a free consultation then click the button below this video and send me an email.

I’ll answer a few more questions in this video in case you want to know more.

I’ve been blessed to have been taught by some amazing healers, as well as having continued spiritual guidance and help from many of the spiritual beings connected with the islands of Hawaii.

The question I would be asking myself right now is: I don’t know this guy, how do I know he can help me? I think it is a great question. And a very hard one to answer without you actually experience my work in a free consultation.

I had to find a way to embrace my gifts and heal from the emotional and physical toll it took, and I want that for you too. My vision and commitment is to help you bring your gifts to the world in a way that furthers your vibrant health and well being.

I would love to spend some time with you exploring if this is the right avenue. Please click the button below and tell me a little about what you would like, and we’ll set up some time to talk, and to give you your first experience of healing with me. There is no cost to you for this.

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