Daerick is an energy healer or sometimes called a spiritual healer. He is unique in offering a 100% money back guarantee with his healing work!

"After working with clients all over the world for the past 25+ years, I am confident you will know if I can help you or not after your free consultation. If you try me and it doesn’t work, I will refund 100% of your money. No questions asked.”

Daerick has success helping people with emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, as well as physical issues such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Eczema, heavy metal toxicity, mold exposure, Autism, Epstein Barr Virus, Lymes Disease, viral infections, heart palpitations, thyroid issues, brain fog, Resless Leg Syndrome (RLS), menstrual issues, etc. He also sees a lot of success with Autoimmune diseases such as Hashimotos, Celiac, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Juvenile Arthritis, Graves, Psoriasis, Crohns, etc.

The results of his work are best seen through the eyes of his clients. Please read below for some of these experiences or schedule a free consultation to explore how this can work for you.

Dr. Cathleen Baxter King, DPT www.cathleenking.com

Conditions: Lymes Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Parasite Infections, Mold Toxicity, Digestive Sensitivity.

"When I started working with him I had been dealing with a resistant viral infection that has been active for over a decade. The physical changes I noticed were immediate in that I had much more physical endurance- I was able to play some sports again and take longer walks. Emotionally I saw more clearly the patterns that were keeping my nervous system in a state of hyperarousal and vigilance and I had increased awareness to choose a different way to respond to these subtle stressors. I became more clear on how I wanted to work again and started to create my own career in helping to teach people the mind-body neuroscience behind healing and guide them in their healing process. And spiritually, it has felt like the last several months have been about clearing away the layers between me and my true self. I feel more emotionally trusting and accepting. I can feel a new sense of me."

Laura Bevacqua, Ontario Canada

Menstrual cycle issues (severe pain, bloating, cramping for days every month)

"I had menstrual issues right from the get go. It got progressively worse. The pain was unbearable. I've tried so many therapies and nothing helped the pain no matter what. I could tell within a few weeks that Daerick was different then my other therapists. He had a huge impact and is continuing to have a huge impact on my cycle and I'm thrilled. It's amazing what you feel like when you've suffered from chronic pain and then all of a sudden it's better."


"Instead of waking up in agony of intense anxiety, fear and dread, I woke up feeling HAPPY and excited"

"I was feeling really hopeless for what felt like forever. I had tried everything I could think of and some things helped for awhile, some not at all. For as long as I can remember I had anxiety and depression, but nothing like this. I never had energy. I felt agitated a lot of the time, I could not concentrate, my memory was horrible. I was intensely lonely and yet did not want to be around people because it took so much energy to “look normal”.

After only a couple of sessions, I felt something shift in me. The only way I can describe it is that I felt like myself again, from a long time ago when I was still hopeful and positive. Instead of waking up every morning in agony of intense anxiety, fear and dread, I woke up feeling HAPPY and excited about the day. I feel rejuvenated and am finding I don’t need to take naps or have quiet time away from people and noises anymore. Everyday I am feeling stronger and have more of a sense of my self. I am so grateful for Daerick’s healing capabilities. He is definitely a true Healer."

Alaine, Psychiatric Nurse, Canada

"I work with your body/mind intelligence to further your healing. Your body already knows the pathways to health. I let your body guide me on how to address whatever is happening with you." Daerick

"I was having suicidal thoughts"

"Just 2 weeks ago I was feeling at the end of my rope - feeling hopeless and not knowing who or what to turn to.

I am really amazed at the results I am experiencing in a short time- about a week. Not long ago I was having suicidal thoughts - albeit I would not act on them, but the torment was there. Today I am feeling so much more like myself - the happy self I remember from the past. I still get anxiety sometimes, but it is much less, and I am feeling much more grounded and safe - emotionally, mentally and physically..

I just don't even have the words to thank Daerick. How do you thank someone who has given you back yourself, your authentic self? Words aren't enough. .

For those of you who are really suffering, and can't take anymore there is real help. A place to turn to. What Daerick does is real, and he can help you. I have only just begun and yet I feel I have come a long way. With all of my heart- I thank you Daerick." .

Shannon S., Canada

"You don't have to continue living in pain, depression or debilitating conditions. I understand you don't know me and have no idea if what I am saying is true. Thats why I give my time freely to you so we can explore together in a consultation. You will know at the end of the consultation if I can help." Daerick

"pain immediately began to improve"

"When I first met Daerick I was struck by how kind, compassionate and peaceful he was. It took me by surprise. I even metnioned it to my friend, and she said, "Oh, my god, I know. He's such a loving person!" During our 3rd session together out of the blue Daerick mentioned the pain I was experiencing in my hip. I knew he was intuitive but I didn't know that he could see the pain issues that are presenting in the body along with the emotional. I said that yes, in the last year I had to take 5 months off from jogging to let my hip heal. I had literally done everything I could to fix my hip issue. The pain immediately begain to improve and is still 90 percent better. The pain continues to improve and Daerick also performed some work on my big left toe. The toe pain is now 98 percent better. I am forever grateful to Daerick."

Tamaara Smith, Los Angeles CA.

"Almost all my clients come to me after they have exhausted every other means they can think of. Western medicine has failed them, and often other alternative practioners have failed them as well. I specialize in the difficult cases. It is my job to see what is blocking your healing and facilitate your body to heal again, emotionally or physically. I look for the core cause, which is often a much earlier emotional or spiritual event that started your body on a path to poor health." Daerick

"My foot pain went from 7/10 to 1/10 in a matter of weeks."

"As a western trained physician I have recently been introduced to the world of quantum healing or energy medicine. At first I was skeptical. However having had foot pain for over a year with no relief I was willing to try anything. Working with Daerick is a very gentle healing process. My foot pain went from 7/10 to 1/10 in a matter of weeks. I am so happy to have found him and am eternally grateful that he shares his gifts with humanity. Thank you Daerick!"

Vian Younan MD - California


"I slept better than I have..."

"I thank you from my heart for helping me release and receive SO much, for giving me tools to heal myself, and for doing so with such grace, honoring and integrity. Last night I slept better than I have slept in a long while. As of this hour the pressure and palpitations in the chest have subsided alot. The sensations in the back of my head are all gone. Yeah!"

Kachi Golden- Native American Shaman and Spiritual Leader of her nation. Descanso CA U.S.A.

"I am starting to feel like my old self again."

"With Daerick’s kind and loving healing, the infections in my lungs cleared up and the horrible coughing fits went away after just three sessions. I am so GRATEFUL! My heavy fatigue improved greatly after a few more times and I continued to see improvements session after session. And most importantly, I am drawing again. My creative block that has been here for years is coming down." "

Bobbi Roberts- 3-time Emmy Award winner.
Los Angeles, California.

"...Greater Freedom, joy and success"

"Thank you so much for the work that you did with me this week. In working with you, I have realized that during my past, I attracted certain energies or entities that have been holding me back and causing me grief and suffering. I did not realize the extent to which this was sapping my energy. Now that you have cleared these entities and offered your very accurate insights about how they have been adversely affecting me, I am optimistic that I will be able to move ahead in my life with greater freedom, joy and success. I look forward to working with you in the future."

Rhianne T. NewLahand - Founder/Director NewLahnd Studios, Sedona Arizona

"My working with Daerick has been a miracle to my health"

"My working with Daerick has been a miracle to my health and my souls well being. I have been sick for 15 years. I have been to every doctor with so many diagnosis. I could not walk because all of my joints were in so much pain. I have brain scans and been diagnosed with brain damage after a stroke. Because of my multiple chemical sensitivity I was confined to my home. I was stuck in the emotional prison of my childhood abuse. The first gift I got was Daerick’s ability to calm me from a distance when I was having a full blown panic attack. Another gift was one day I woke and I didn’t dread the day. When you spend years in pain you do not embrace the light you wish it would go away and you don’t want to live. This was a huge sign I was coming back to life! I used to sit on a couch all day because I had no energy. I am now traveling around my house even doing things to help. I took my daughters out to dinner! And the sensitivity to chemicals and perfumes are calming down. It doesn’t happen overnight. You have to trust the process. I have worked with so many healers in the past to no avail. Daerick’s healing abilities are powerful and gentle all at the same time. "

Nova Masters, Washington State

"I feel like a new person"

"You really opened my eyes and helped me realize for myself my own potential and capabilities. I was able to recognize very, very old patterns going back to childhood that were holding me back. I have pushed through so much of my old patterns I literally feel like a new person four times over. It's been amazing. I now feel a huge degree of self-empowerment that I didn't before."

M. Alfred, Rotterdam, Netherlands

"Eczema over 60 years. I am itch free 24/7"

Eczema has challenged my body for over sixty years. The last year and a half the itching has been beyond extreme. I found Daerick while searching for appointment options with Anthony William. I followed through and have completed two sessions with him. I can HONESTLY say that I am itch free 24/7 and I am not humbled by red welts covering my face. What impressed me the most was Daerick’s integrity of character, a true gem to experience. Daerick is truly the real deal.

Cathy Kellett, San Francisco, CA U.S.A.

"I feel more alive and positive"

"I feel more alive, happy and positive than I have ever felt in my life. and as I continue on this path, I expect to feel even better. I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me. Thank You!!!"

Kayla Carol, Oregon

"I am awestruck"

"I can't begin to express my gratitude. Since my son was a baby he would be in terror and screaming every time he woke up. After 4 treatments by Daerick it is incredible. My son is back to normal and our whole house feels happier. I am awestruck and don't know what to say and don't understand what he did. But I'm grateful."

Beth Fernely, Photographer, Sidney, Australia

"my migraines have vanished from my left eye and the blurry vision is almost back to normal."

"In 2008 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) which is a debilitating auto immune disease that causes extreme pain throughout the whole body. After my first session my pain went from a high 9 to a 6, which is a significant reduction in less than an hour. If you are suffering from any pain I strongly suggest you give this therapy a try. It's truly an amazing treatment. The pain levels from my RA have steadied at about a 3, which has me resuming back to normal activities with less strain on my body and joints. After the fourth session my body was again releasing more of the pain that was buried deep within my left eye socket causing pain that led to migraines and extreme blurring in my vision, to a point of desperation! As for my migraines those have vanished from my left eye and the blurry vision is almost back to normal. Daerick is indeed gifted and an amazing transmitter of positive energy. I am forever changed do to his need to help all those whom are willing to make the effort in healing through energy therapy. With a grateful heart, "

Rene Acevedo, New Mexico